• Kailee Lish

Selfcare Isn't Selfish

Mamas let's be real. Postpartum life is no joke. Your hormones are freaking out, you have this new baby to take care of and of course sleep is out the window. In this changing and tough (but so rewarding and amazing) time it is so easy to lose yourself. I love my sweet baby girl so much, don’t get me wrong, but in my first few weeks of postpartum life were a little rough. I was recovering from a c-section as well as adjusting to life with a new baby and I was starting to lose myself. I started to feel like I was never going to feel normal again. So, like I often do, I took a self inventory. How am I taking care of myself? What was the last thing I did for myself? When was the last time I did something I loved? As soon as I started doing this I started feeling so guilty for thinking about myself and not my baby. I am a mom now I can’t think about myself.

UM NO! That is NOT the case! You can be a mom and take care of yourself! In fact you should take care of yourself regardless if you are a mom or not! Self care isn’t selfish. Let me say it louder for the people in the back. SELF CARE ISN’T SELFISH! Moms, just because you have a baby doesn’t mean you stop taking care of yourself. It may mean you have to do things for yourself during nap time or get a sitter but you need to find time for yourself.

After I came to this realization I wanted to share with other moms some quick and simple little things you can do to take care of yourself! So anytime you’re at a loss of what to do for yourself just come back to this list!

1. Take a warm bubble bath

I don’t know about you but nothing soothes me and calms me down more than a nice warm bubble bath. Throw a bath bomb or some essential oils, turn on some chill music and just relax. Take this me time and just soak it up. (No pun intended)

2. Go on a run/walk/do some cardio

Okay I know that cardio isn’t everyone's cup of tea but let me tell you sometimes a good run is all your soul needs. Personally after I have gone on a walk or done some good cardio I feel like I can take on the world. Of course please wait the appropriate amount of time after having a baby. Let that body heal first.

3. Go get your favorite dessert

I know I just told you to do cardio but sometimes you just need a good dose of sugar. Whether it's one of those disgustingly delicious sugar cookies from the grocery store or a frozen lemonade from Chick-Fil-A, get out of the house and get yourself a treat.

4. Go get your nails done

If you can spend some money and find a sitter go to the nail salon and get your nails did girl! Nothing beats the feeling of having a fresh mani. Plus a little break away from the baby is much needed sometimes

5. Whiten your teeth

Okay guys is it just me or is a nice white smile like the best feeling? It just does something to your confidence doesn’t it?! I have been whitening my teeth for years. I used to use Crest teeth whitening strips and Crest toothpaste and I was always happy with my results, but recently something changed. Lately I haven’t been happy with my teeth and the Crest strips just weren’t cutting it. I thought about laser teeth whitening but I have a new baby (so no time) and we just bought a house (so no money). Then, like an angel straight from heaven, I found Smile Brilliant. They send you a kit to make your own custom fit trays and then once they send you your whitening kit it not only comes with profession grade whitener, but also teeth desensitizing gel for those with sensitive teeth! The first time I used my kit I had my trays on for just an hour and when I tell you the results were startling I am not kidding! My teeth were the whitest they had ever been AFTER JUST ONE HOUR! I do treatments 1-2 times a week for about an hour to an hour and a half each time and my teeth are literally glowing. My confidence in my smile has literally skyrocketed. I catch myself smiling into any mirror I pass which is something I have literally never done before. I seriously could go on and on about my Smile Brilliant kit and how much I love it!

I hope that this has either inspired you to take some time to care for yourself. Go hop in a bath, throw on your teeth whitening trays and recharge mamas!


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